Research lines


The concentration area and research lines offer the program a plurality of alternatives and possibility of development, having as general outlines a multidisciplinary role in topics of researched program. An emphasis allows the student to specialize in a particular area of activity, being defined by specific nuclei of disciplines, along with development of a work of completion of course (doctoral thesis, master's dissertation, and other Formats provided in professional Master's degree) in this same area of operation. The emphases are formally and officially approved in institutional framework of UFBA and, therefore, are liable to appear in certificates and diplomas issued by it.

A specialty has the same characteristics of an emphasis, but is formally and officially approved only in the internal scope of PEI, and not in the institutional framework of UFBA, and therefore is not liable to be included in certificates and diplomas issued by it . Therefore, a specialty is a potential emphasis, in stage of maturation or waiting, whether for issues of curricular components, infrastructure, critical mass or demand, and can at any time become an emphasis, at the discretion and judgement of Collegiate Board of the PEI and UFBA.